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Types of Services

Over-the-phone Vehicle Diagnostics - $0.00

We are always willing to help our customers that may be having problems with items that they have purchased from Elite Automotive & Diesel LLC. However, due to the workload in our shop and the broad range of issues with modern diesel vehicles, we cannot make our technicians available for telephone vehicle diagnosis. We as a company strive to provide the best service possible to our customers, and to provide the best service possible, scheduling an appointment is a must and a “win-win” in all aspects.

Any vehicle brought to Elite Automotive & Diesel Diesel with a drivability problem or complaint must first be diagnosed before a repair estimate can be prepared. Our diagnosis fee covers this process, unless significant disassembly is required to identify the source of the problem. If we determine that your vehicle requires additional diagnostic work beyond the scope of the standard diagnosis fee, an Elite Automotive and Diesel representative will contact you for approval of the new estimated diagnostic costs before proceeding.

We frequently perform pre-purchase vehicle inspections as well as general safety inspections for owners preparing to take long trips. These types of inspections are billed a flat fee of $200. Please be aware that we are not able to disassemble any part of a vehicle during a pre-purchase inspection because the potential purchaser of the vehicle cannot legally authorize such work.

Due to the amount of time involved in this type of work, Elite Automotive & Diesel charges a straight hourly rate for electrical problem diagnosis. The minimum diagnostic charge for this type of work is $200, which covers the first 2 hours of the technicians time. If we reach the (2) hour point and have not located the problem, you will be informed of what we have checked and given the opportunity to approve further diagnostic time.

Unless otherwise noted, most work performed by Elite Automotive & Diesel falls under this category. General repair type items will be billed at $100/$150 (per labor hour). In order to provide a proper repair estimate, we will need to see the vehicle and diagnose the problem(s). We do not perform repairs based on the diagnosis of any other party, and we can't provide specific work estimates for vehicles we have not seen and diagnosed ourselves.

As a general rule, Elite Automotive & Diesel does NOT install CUSTOMER SUPPLIED PARTS. Should we choose to make an exception, a labor rate of $150/hr will be charged for any repairs or installations using CUSTOMER SUPPLIED PARTS. Elite Automotive & Diesel warranty ONLY covers "Workmanship" when installing outside parts. The Elite Automotive & Diesel 30 day warranty does NOT apply on ANY parts that were not purchased from Elite Automotive & Diesel. Any warranty issues with customer supplied parts, including any associated labor costs, will be the responsibility of the customer and the company where the parts were purchased.

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